Who Is David Morrison?

David Morrison is a Truro, Nova Scotia born, Humber College and Berklee College of Music trained singer/songwriter who writes profound music while maintaining a mainstream sound. He wrote his first song at the age of 11, and uses his music as an medium to express his internal struggles and growth as well as his stories of love and heartbreak. He speaks about having to overcome social isolation and self deprecation from an early age. He also goes in depth about how he still struggles with staying set on a goal when there are so many distractions. David knows that his music is destined to touch millions.


David formed his first band "Shelter" at the age of 17 and produced a full album while directing a music video for one of the band's hottest singles, "Listen".

At 18, David finished high school and travelled to Toronto to study Guitar at Humber College. David was placed in the Enriched Jazz sub-section at Humber which is designed specifically for higher level players. He loved learning about the history of music and music theory, but his dream was always to move millions with his music and he knew that he couldn’t do that through becoming a Jazz Guitarist.


Half way through his year at Humber College, David met his first producer, Riksha of Slept on Studios. David spent so much time in the studio with Riksha and "the boys" that he earned the nickname “the kid”.

Through working with Riksha, David released his first few songs under his own name for the first time. This was the beginning of David’s solo journey towards stardom.


After being in Toronto for a year, David knew he needed to be in a more mainstream setting so he auditioned for Berklee College of Music and got in. It was his thinking that he would be exposed to a greater diversity of musicians and greater opportunities by doing this. Upon getting into Berklee, David quickly began constantly networking and socializing. David got over 500 new contacts within the first week of being in Boston and quickly started delegating his song ideas to producers to collaborate on at the school. From this, he solidified multiple projects and gained many new connections. A true hustler.


David now travels between Los Angeles and Toronto as he works on exciting new projects and gains powerful new connections. David seeks out the best of the best to join him on his journey to create greater unity through music while maintaining a strong position on the forefront of new sound. The journey that he is on with Patrick “Riksha” Bardos of Slept on Studios, Greg “Cali” Scott of Music Rise Entertainment and Producer Jules (Keylow) Lynch among others is pushing him towards success and continued growth.


Just Watch.


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